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Medicine Supplier

Sykosan Pharmaceuticals is an established pharma formulations supplier since 1982 whose main activity is to supply quality medicine locally and globally. Our organization believes in fulfilling social responsibility, maintaining core values, and expanding its support to society beyond business motives. As a medicine supplier and pharmaceutical distributor, we are really working to alleviate the suffering of mankind and make the medicines available to all at affordable prices. We do this indiscriminately and strive to improve the quality of medicines.

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Pharmaceutical Distributor - As a leading medicine wholesaler, Our company has gradually but vastly spread it’s reach both internationally & domestically. We are medicine manufacturers and wholesalers with the potential to make tablets, capsules, liquids, powder, ointments and injectable including parental. With more than 45 years of experience in the field of pharma distributor, the company has achieved a hallmark of quality and efficacy and we have partners from all over the world. Being one of the topmost medicine suppliers in India, we are considered as the largest pharma wholesaler & supplier, and has a wide variety of medicines.

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Wide Range of Pharmaceutical Products

With excellence in services and high-quality pharmaceuticals, we are the top-rated medicine supplier company in India. We are dedicated to enhance the quality of healthcare industry by providing the best pharmaceutical products to medicine supplier company and pharmaceutical distributors. With more than 100+ pharma products we are the top-most in the list of pharma distributor companies in India. Our medication includes Tablets/ Capsules, Powders, Injections, Syrups, Sachets, Ointments, etc. The growth and success of the pharma company depend on mutual understanding between the pharma distributor and customer. Being the best medicine supplier and pharma wholesaler, we provide the best services that lead to customer’s satisfaction.


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  • ⭕ Medicines are of the most affordable cost.
  • ⭕ All medicines are certified.
  • ⭕ Ensure timely supply of goods.
  • ⭕ Wide range, variety, and quality of medicine.
  • ⭕ Maintaining good manufacturing practices.
  • ⭕ Maintains product integrity.